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Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Inlet Technologies – Cisco Systems

February 7, 2011

Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Inlet Technologies


Inlet LogoSAN JOSE, Calif. – February 4, 2011 – Cisco today announced its intent to acquire privately-held Inlet Technologies, a leading provider of Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) digital media processing platforms. Based in Raleigh, N.C., Inlet will strengthen the media streaming capabilities of Cisco’s Videoscape TV platform, allowing service and content providers to build robust digital-media infrastructures that deliver video to any device over any Internet Protocol (IP) network. 

Kip Compton, Director and GM, Service Provider Technology Group, discusses how Inlet will enable Service Providers and Content Owners to provide an enhanced consumer experience by enabling the delivery of video to any device over any IP network.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why are you acquiring Inlet?
A: Cisco chose Inlet because it has demonstrated success with key Tier-1 Service Providers. Inlet brings a strong development team that understands the complexities of delivering ABR video over IP networks for any device. Cisco has developed a successful working relationship with Inlet over the past 2 years, and expects seamless integration with existing engineering teams. Together with Inlet, Cisco will uniquely provide Service Providers and Content Owners the ability to leverage the network as a platform to deliver video processing that enables the optimum end-user experience.

Q: Will this transaction shift Inlet’s attention away from us?
A: Cisco and Inlet share a common culture – one of the key attributes being a relentless focus on customer success. Inlet has a demonstrated ability to manage multiple Tier-1 relationships. We expect to preserve this aspect of the culture on customer focus and build upon it as we scale the business. We will continue to operate as independent entities until the transaction closes.

Q: Which products will you continue to supply?
A: Cisco is committed to ensuring the success of Service Providers and will work to ensure that Service Providers continue to have access to all products needed for their networks.

Q: What happens to existing purchasing agreements and maintenance contracts?
A: Cisco is first and foremost committed to customer success. Cisco intends to work with customers to find a path forward that honors its obligations and creates a foundation for mutual success.
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