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Smartphones & Tablets Propel Mobile Commerce Sales to Record Levels | MobileFI

March 11, 2013

Smartphones & Tablets Propel Mobile Commerce Sales to Record Levels | MobileFI.

There is no mistake Mobile is a direction that is going to serve a wealth of spend and opportunity. In our live times we are fortunate to have seen and will see several market transitions. What this means is with some good insight, know how and little luck we can find ourselves right in front of a HUGE opportunity. How can companies take advantage of these HUGE opportunities?

#1 Identify your opportunity. Are you a problem solver or do you create a demand?

#2 Align your strategic goals and strengths to your opportunity, where can you make the biggest impact using your strengths? Identify quickly where to start, what to stop and where to continue.

#3 Focus on Customer Experience, today it’s all about being relevant to the customer and their users, your product or service is solving  a problem or providing a solution however many miss the mark here.. Adoption and likability are key traits that allow the natural growth to occur. Is it easy, do you play nice with others and are you able to provide me information and answers to my questions before I loose interest in you?

Simple yet hard, embrace these exciting times and best of luck out on the battlefield. It’s how you start, join and finish!

A little data below to set in the reality of this great phenomenon we are apart of.


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