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Extend Transparent Mobility to the Outdoors

February 17, 2011

Wireless Mesh – Cisco – Cisco Systems.

Cloud computing & SaaS trends lend me to believe outdoor wireless is going to be a huge differentiators for service providers, schools and other organizations who need to stay connected at all times.

Why Should I Care About Outdoor Wireless Networking Solution?
Cisco® Outdoor Wireless Networking solution enables cost-effective, secure deployment of enterprise campus to metropolitan-scale outdoor Wi-Fi networks. Standards-based wireless access takes advantage of the growing popularity of inexpensive Wi-Fi clients, enabling new service opportunities and applications that improve user productivity and responsiveness.
The Cisco solution provides intelligent wireless routing, creating dynamic wireless links between access points and eliminating the need for a wired network connection to each access point. Using the Cisco patented Adaptive Wireless Path Protocol (AWPP), which was designed specifically for wireless, the network self-optimizes and self-heals, providing resiliency to changing network conditions, and minimizing deployment and management costs.

When moving between buildings or around campus, mobile workers increasingly need to stay connected to mission-critical applications, which they typically access from their office. Cisco Outdoor Wireless solutions support enterprises by helping them:

Extend Transparent Mobility to the Outdoors

  • Increase staff productivity
  • Enhance responsiveness to business needs
  • Keep costs low with an end-to-end solution

Cisco outdoor wireless solutions include next-generation outdoor wireless mesh access points and high-performance wireless bridges.

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