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Tablets Are On The Table And On The Rise

January 25, 2012

Apple sold more iPads than HP sold PCs in Q1 2012 – SlashGear.

With the explosion of mobility individuals and business are migrating to the new ways of comunicating and doing business from, anywhere, anytime & any device.  While almost eveyone has a smart phone tablets are becoming more and more sought after over computers. Why? Affordability, applicability and functionality.  The cloud and virtualization plays perfectly into the mobile development community who is developing more applications to run from any device. 

Telling: Apple sold more iPADs than than HP sold PC’s in Q1.

So if your a CEO, CTO, CIO or bussiness influencer of anykind what should you be thinking about and considering?

  • How are you going to keep up with transitions in order to keep your company competitive and more productive than your competiors?
  • How will communication; “specifically a mobile strategy”, impact the organization?
  • Do I want to provide mobile devices to my employees or will you leverage the investmentse of your employees supporting Bring Your Own Device?
  • What polices do we have in place the manage the convergence of Bring Your Own Device?
  • How will virtualization tie into your mobile strategy?
  • How will you support the devices and manage your approved devices?
  • How will mobile  devices interoperate with you existing enviornment?

Of course the list could go on but these are some key considerations as you look to evolve. The reality is your employees and individual behaviors are driving these requirments and the outcome of supporting them now is you gain lower operational expenses, (more margin),  more cost savings, more productivity and better results ie: competitive advantages.


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