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Cisco Launches Cius Enterprise Tablet, App HQ

August 15, 2011

As collaboration users evolve customers are expressing interest in mobility and Cisco is continually developing, delivering and driving the collaboration market transitions. Late to the game with the release of Cisco’s Cius Tablet, Cisco aims at showcasing the overwhelming business relevance and answers to the TOP OF MIND concerns CIO’s, Legal, & IT teams face… Security & Policy!

Mobility users are becoming the fastest adopters in collaboration via either personnel or business devices.  Although organizations see the overwhelming value in mobility executives are concerned about the risk.

Risk: the ability to control what goes on devices, what can be downloaded, policy for supported applications & private data are all lack of security concerns TOP of MIND for customers.

Much like Social Software you have a lot to gain but also potential risks if you think it through and do it right!

Think Big. Start Smart. Scale Fast!

*Cisco plans on integrating a number of branded products into the user interface, including Cisco TelePresence, Cisco WebEx meeting applications, Cisco Quad social software and Cisco Jabber messaging.

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