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Cisco Not Selling WebEx!!!

May 20, 2011

Cisco Not Selling WebEx!!!.

Cisco is not selling WebEx! The articles have wow factor no doubt.

These are 100% rumors!

Let’s look at the facts and not read the national enquirer and place our bets.

“Now a report on the U.K.-based tech gossip site The Register suggests” is the key sentence to the post.

A stand up way of throwing FUD out there; when you have a back door way to run through?

A large company like Cisco does not lead in multiple adjacent markets because it doesn’t take risk, make investments and innovate. Cisco has gotten spread too thin and too complex and needs to reign in on it’s investments and shed the ones that don’t align to the long term success. Unfortunately this comes with the territory of being a leader.

Leadership owes it’s investors & customers transparency and will take the good with the good with the bad as they have to make the tough unpopular decisions to focus on it’s strengths.

Cisco’s Top 5 Priorities: Collaboration, Video, Virtualization, Data Center, Cloud Services.

If you look at what the company has done to LEAD market transition and you look at what competing companies are doing to catch up you’ll see why the company continues to lead in it’s areas of focus. This all ties to risk and reward, innovation and investment.

Observe the investments in acquisitions and partnerships in the market, Cisco must be doing something right.

Video; cisco says yes while other did not want to invest in infrastructure to deliver; now you see solutions leading with video solutions.

Interoperability; cisco says yes and invests in IP phone integration, mobile meetings, HD video integration levering existing investments and connecting infrastructure with SaaS creating a unique opportunity for user preference. WebEx is the glue that ties these all together. Communication anywhere, anytime on any device.

It’s easy to jump on the assumption train and speculate. Big bets, innovations and investments are all part of the game. Make no mistake Cisco WebEx is hear to stay!

WebEx continues to be core to the Cisco Collaboration Group and is only becoming more and more integrated with the Cisco Unified Communications architecture.

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