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CIO Insight Survey Ranked Cisco WebEx #1 in Providing Value Amongst Technology Companies

October 4, 2010

2010 Vendor Value Ratings – Research.

CIO Insight Survey Ranked Cisco WebEx #1 in Providing Value Amongst Technology Companies

Read CIO Insight’s report on which IT vendors provide the most value to customers.  Cisco WebEx won overall and ranked first in the categories of “Top Vendor for Lowering Cost” and “Top Vendor for Being on Time and on Budget.”  For more details on the survey click here.

It’s been almost 4 years since Cisco Systems had it’s hand on the #1 web collaboration company WebEx Communications.  #1 in the market is good being rated the #1 rated vendor by CIO’s for 2010 is were Cisco wants to be! You reputation, customer experience and market perception is everything if you want to be #1. Cisco WebEx who has lead the web collaboration marketplace for over 10 years faces more competition today that ever before which is quite a feat coming off stringent economy.  Good news is for customers and prospects Cisco’s visionary leadership “a customer first organization”  fully understands that reaching #1 doesn’t mean you can rest on your ratings, it means you have to work harder to stay on top and to continue to provide stellar service and relevance  in not just one category but all categories.

For additional insight on Cisco’s philosophy you can see Cisco’s operational leader Inder Sidhu’s book, Doing Both.

Cisco believes there is a better way: Doing Both.

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