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SMB’s; Several Solutions One Goal! Always Measure.

July 30, 2009

Driving revenue and making sense of your online marketing is the theme of Silicon Valley based Lyris Inc.

Forrester Research proves Inadequate Customer Intelligence Hinders SMB Marketing Programs.

SMB’s are absolutley are seeing the value in taking advantage of the convergence in online marketing but yet find themselves with many under utilized solutions and a scattered strategies.

What does this mean?

Companies are taking the right steps forward; the flips side is if their often left with unmeasurable results and several solution providers.

A conversation I have with hundreds of companies each year is understanding your calculated risk and how to change the fear of the unknown to the known. Measure, Measure, Measure. If you don’t have a plan to measure you may be successful but you won’t know how to improve!

Tip of the day: Realize the measurements that will make you successful and align yourself with partners and vendors that have a full understanding of your entire vision ad can provide measurable results. Not their measurements but YOURS!

Check out they are on of the few I’ve seen who talk a wholistic approach to online marketing.

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