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Social Marketing Generates Creative Juices = Sweet Victory for Marketing

June 15, 2009

I love creative idea’s and innovation! Social networking has undoubtedly taken marketing teams by surprise and has many of us feeling like were chasing our ideas in circles.

Be it product launch, company / industry announcement, discussion boards or event announcements we all want the same thing, more qualified leads, percieved value, market leadership and open communication with our prospects and customers.

With consumed budgets and competitve pressures I’m finding company after company trying to find the best way to captiatlize on the new wave of “social marketing”. Is this consuming your time $$$ or maximizing your opportunities $$$?

What businesses small and large are finding is social interaction is taking marketing to a new level, not only can you drive more interest and traffic to your websites but you can also be more engaged with your prospects, have better businesss intellegence and in my estimation, a foundation for better longer term relationships as interests were developed on the basis of open communication.

My favorite example to date is one related to musicians: Bob Lawrence; President of The Dallas School of Music and team have created a very easy to use community portal that interacts with their own MusickED. MusickED is home of the world’s best Online Music Lessons. Here you can learn musical concepts and skills using the most innovative Music Curriculum available.

Do you think this will evolve or change as the market changes? You bet, his strategy has already changed since the conception of their first communicty and I expect to hear about more innovation as their creative juices keep flowing!

What do you think?

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