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Sweeny Research Proves Webex Easy To Use & Effective For Seniors

May 27, 2009

Sweeney Research says that in January 2009 they had spoken to 400 senior employees, working in Australian businesses with staff strengths that varied between 20 and 200 in number. Of the respondents, 64 percent were in their 40’s and 50’s, and 95 percent of this category worked in an office, and only ten percent invariably worked from home.

Sweeney claims that 70 percent of respondents in all categories were males, 55 percent had children living at home, more than 33 percent were from New South Wales, and 25 percent were from Victoria and Tasmania. Industrial type categorizations were: 23 percent from service and consultancy, 16 percent from manufacturing, 13 percent from construction, and 11 percent from retail.

Other important findings in the research paper, say Cisco officials, were SMB leaders wanted geography independent working platforms that did not affect either work results or the quality of interactions with colleagues, customers and prospects – ten percent of respondents waste more than four hours a week travelling to and from meetings and 20 percent commute two hours to and from work.

Company officials say that in addition 100 percent of respondents work away from their own official premises an average of five times per month, and 35 percent of SMB owners work away from headquarters 12 times a month; close to 100 percent have worked overtime, and nearly 50 percent have worked beyond either side of stipulated work timings; and, more than 50 percent take work home 4 times a month, and 16 percent take work home every day.

The most time consuming tasks, say all respondents unanimously, are preparing reports and presentations, attending internal meetings, training other employees, editing and approving documents, travelling, and attending external meetings.

StatSeeker and Kinetic Securities” are strong examples of advanced Australian SMBs who are using online collaboration technology to grow their businesses and simultaneously meet their flexibility and productivity needs,” said Adams.

StatSeeker is a network monitoring company based in Brisbane with 17 employees and claims that 98 percent of its clientele are from overseas. It says that by using the Cisco WebEx collaboration technology it has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing its staff from moving out of office on work, and has also been able to expand its business reach in all directions in countries outside Australia.

“Being able to connect with clients remotely at any time makes the company more approachable and accessible, giving us a competitive advantage,” said Jay Pace, Private Client Advisor for Kinetic Securities. “WebEx is also a great warm-up for prospects, allowing them to see us, hear about what we do, and what we can offer them, virtually simulating the face-to-face experience. We also use WebEx to communicate between our offices, especially about product updates. Overall, the best part is its cost effectiveness and allows us to gauge the prospects’ interest level, helping us decide whether it’s worthwhile to organise a physical meeting.”

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